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Joseph C. Russo
Attorney at Law

Legal Specialist To Small Business

JOSEPH C. RUSSO, has been practicing law in the Tampa Bay area for over nineteen years. His practice focuses on business contracts and transactions, including asset sales and commercial real estate transactions as well as business entities, start-ups and small business practice.


Contracts &

“Risky” is the word that I have had clients describe to me when talking about not having the proper contracts in place. The right contract can give a business owner confidence that they are moving…


Buying or selling a business is truly a daunting task. Education is the key. My job is to educate my clients and guide them through the process. It is important to understand that not every purchase…


It is important to understand the different advantages for each business entity. Each entity has different management, tax and ownership advantages, so consultation and…


There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding starting up a business. Not all business entities are meant for every situation and no question is foolish or trivial. Certain business entities are more…

Last updated: 7-28-20

A whole new level of small business education

This video series was filmed on location at the Small Business Development Center at the University of South Florida on February 4th, 2020. This series is meant for the small business owner that wants to learn more about an array of topics such as, business entity selection, taxation principals, and how a lifecycle of a small business can affect how decisions are made along the way.

Click here to view all of the videos in the series

Do you have the secret weapon when it comes to long-term business strategy?


Business Secure™

Business Secure is a monthly program, designed exclusively for the small business owner in the Tampa Bay area. It not only handles legal issues as they arise, but prevents legal problems before they happen. Understanding the needs of business, your business, is fundamental to making the law work for you. Business Secure guides the client with this in mind. With Business Secure, you can be certain that the legal decisions you make today will benefit you tomorrow. Be confident, knowing your business is secure.

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